In a hidden, land-locked cemetery, Logan County is losing the memory of her first citizens to time and neglect.

About the year 1813, worshipers from the Muddy River, Gasper River and Mt. Tabor congregations in Logan County, Kentucky built the Old Salem Church and Meetinghouse. Although very little evidence of the building remains today, the church was a focal point in the community for nearly 100 years.

Beside the site where the church stood, there is a sizable cemetery with more than 200 stones that date from 1816 to 1899. Many of those interred there are the pioneer settlers of Logan County. The number and antiquity of the graves make Old Salem an historic and cultural resource of great value.

Unfortunately, the only road to the cemetery was swallowed up by the surrounding farmland and countryside sometime in the late 1940′s, leaving Old Salem to be forgotten and neglected until efforts toward restoration were begun in 2001, when a group of volunteers came together, resolving to preserve the cemetery for future generations. Progress has been made, but cleanup is difficult, slow, and expensive. Many of the Old Salem descendants and volunteers live out of state, adding to the complexity of the project. We’re in a race against time.

Nevertheless, the last few years have seen the Old Salem cemetery surveyed and placed on record with county and state agencies, and a fence has been erected around the 1/4 acre perimeter. While many trees still grow among the stones, more than half have been carefully removed to prevent further damage to the headstones from falling limbs.

If you”d like to donate to Old Salem, or to volunteer your time or energy to the project — especially if you’re local to the area — please contact us. Time sweeps inexorably forward, and it’s running out for Old Salem. Please, act today.